The Band

Inner Sanctum is a Melodic Death Metal Band from Freiburg, Germany that was founded in 2004. Their music combines dynamic Melodic Death riffs with rather heavy and heroic parts in mid-tempo. Their first self produced record RISEN TO FALL was released in 2006 and consists of 8 tracks.

Their second release is called PRINCIPLE LEADER and was recorded at Arsen Records (Breisach, Germany) in 2010 and was released in April 2011. While their first release was predominantly characterized by mid-tempo songs, PRINCIPLE LEADER is more dynamic and progressive, yet maintained its heroic character. It has gained a lot of positive response among the metal community not only due to its versatility.

METRIC GENESIS is the name of their third release. It was recorded at Iguana Studios in 2014 and released october 2016. It contained 8 new tracks and a re-recorded version of a song of their first record from 2006.

Inner Sanctum has played various concerts with bands like Enslaved, Rage, Finsterforst, The Privateer, Firtan, Unlight or Dreamshade and is best known for their rousing live performances.

Current Line-up:

Nikolai "Kolai" Kahle - vocals
Christian "Farms" Brand - guitar
Eric "Yoric" Tobian - guitar
Julian "Jay" Kleber - drums
Johannes "Joe" Ambs - bass

Former members:

Adrian Wilhelm - guitar
Felix "Gnom" Schiller - vocals
Harald "Susi" David - bass


The Great Odd Ones

2024 – Iguana Studios

  1. Era of the Idols
  2. Abgott Death Kult
  3. Juggernautic
  4. Nautopsy
  5. Mesurol
  6. Thalassophobia
  7. Godfisher
  8. Battlements of Abomination
  9. Those Who Never Sleep

Metric Genesis

2016 – Iguana Studios

  1. Machine Made God
  2. Then Came Dawn
  3. Unsent Warriors
  4. Ikarus
  5. Six Hundred
  6. Cadence of a New World
  7. The Better Me
  8. Sons of Perdition
  9. Ginnungagab

Principle Leader

2011 – Arsen Records

  1. 9th Sphere
  2. Storm
  3. Path of Life
  4. Devil May Care
  5. Selfmade Saviour
  6. Breed
  7. Dark Angel Sanctuary
  8. Chapter: Grey
  9. Across the Sea
  10. Interlude
  11. A Breath of Ashes and Snow
  12. Until They Returned

Risen to Fall

2006 – selfproduced, sold out

  1. Until They Returned
  2. Dread of War
  3. The Final Rear
  4. In the Issue of Time
  5. Two Towers
  6. Lamiae, Mistress of Souls
  7. Battlements of Abomination
  8. Ginnungagab